From the Grounds Up
Audio Narration by Karen Savage

From the Grounds Up
Book Description
 Maggy Thorsen refuses to give in as trouble brews again - When Maggy Thorsen’s coffee house, Uncommon Grounds, is virtually obliterated by a snowstorm, she and her friend Sarah resolve to reopen – and Maggy’s found the perfect spot near the train station, just in time for the opening of the new commuter route. But when Sarah’s uncle dies suddenly, in the first of a series of ‘accidents’, it’s clear that someone doesn’t want Uncommon Grounds to reopen. Maggy, however, has no intention of yielding . . .

“Maggy Thorsen, the proprietor of Uncommon Grounds, finds that rebuilding her coffee shop in the “Old Brookhills” section of Brookhills, Wis., can be murder in Balzo’s witty, smoothly plotted fifth caffeine cozy…sassy, lighthearted whodunit…” - Publishers Weekly

“A witty cozy with eccentric characters and a fast-moving plot.” - Booklist


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A coffee bean is a whole lot easier to pick up BEFORE you step on it :-).
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